Jumat, 16 Februari 2018

#Polyvore: Firaa Assagaf

This is my very first post in 2018, after thousand years I never opened my blog, but here I am today, writing this, after so many pergulatan batin dan bingung mau ngepost apa di blog yang sudah sangat berdebu ini.
Anyway, I have this motivation to write more this year, whether in my book or on this blog. Semoga tidak wacana semata :)))

I'd plan to write every month about various styles from fashion or beauty influencers that I adore whole-heartedly, and I'll try to replicate their look with Polyvore. I've been playing Polyvore since I was in high-school and still get fascinated every single time I play.

So my very first post is dedicated to Firaa Assagaf, a photographer and fashion enthusiast based on Jakarta. She studied photography in LaSalle College. And I'm in love with her style and photoworks.
I started following her on 2015 on Instagram (@firrrr_) and I just read "Story of Mine" on her blog and I was so shocked, knowing that she was born on 1997, which is the same year with me. I can say her style is simple, clean, neat, but stunning. I bet she can rock any outfit tho. She prefers simple hijab that is comfortable to wear.

Let's check out!

1. Black is Never Wrong

As I scrolled down on her Instagram, one thing I directly noticed was she often wears black in her outfit. Whether it's the hijab, outer, top, pants, or shoes. And I read her blog and she said that her favourite colours are black and brown, and she also said that there's always black in her style everyday.  Her favourite hijab colour is black, for sure, because it really suits her skin tone and she feels like she's being herself when she wears black.

Jumat, 30 Desember 2016

Goodbye, 2016!

2016 is about to end.
Less than 24 hours, we will enter 2017.
New day, new month, new year.

There are so much things happened in 2016, and I know I haven't written anything yet here about my 2016, because I was so busy with college, work, and also my life lol. So, di post kali ini aku bakalan ngeresume(?) atau cerita apa aja yang aku dapat di 2016, the lesson, the experience, etc.

So, here we go!

1. 2016 = I'm not a productive person

This is killing me, ya know. I already planned in 2015, to be more productive in 2016, but then I made nothing.
I didn't make any novel this year. Actually, I got so many ideas, and I wrote it already on my notebook, but sadly I couldn't make it. Because I was so busy with college.
Whenever I wanted to write my novel, I always find excuses. Like I was so sleepy, tired, hungry, or just not in the mood to write. I know it's so wrong, and I hate myself for it lol.
Well actualy I made some shortstory, atau lebih tepatnya bikin songfiction (you can check it at wattpad: TunistSMD) but still for me, it's not enough :(
Apalagi kemaren waktu libur semester 2, I got 3 months of holiday! And I made nothing. I just spent my holiday with korean dramas, made some drafts, sleep. But thank God I found my idea on that holiday. Still, we should be thankful, right?
So, I regret it so much, I didn't finish my novel, and in 2017, I will turn into 20 years old... (suddenly I feel so old!) and I haven't made anything yet. It is so sad.
In the end, it's okay. It will be a lesson for me. Let's be more productive in 2017!

So true

2. College

Ha, finally we talk about this. College will always be something fun to talk right? Lol.
College life is getting serious, apalagi semester tiga.
Semester dua kemaren, IP nya nurun dari semester satu :') but I realized and I admit it, di semester dua kemaren kebanyakan jalan-jalan dan seneng-seneng, jadi ya... sesuai sih. Hehe.
Semester tiga just ended, and now I just wait for the result, tinggal nunggu nilainya dan semoga IP semester tiga ini bisa lebih tinggi dari semester kemaren, aamiin! (for you who read this, may your IP bagus dan sesuai harapan, aamiin!)

Senin, 31 Oktober 2016


I know, I know. I didn't write anything.

So, terakhir ngepost di blog itu sekitar akhir tahun 2015, and it just sooooooooo long time ago. Sumpah memang udah lama banget.
But, finally, I AM BACK to my little world.

Ini udah tahun 2016 dan sudah bulan Oktober (well tomorrow is November!) jadi, so many things happened at my life.... so many experiences, so many laughs, tears, smiles, and pains also... just so many things happened.
I'm not going to say a lot here, this is just like a prolog to another post lol.
So, have a good day fellas and see you in another post (hopefully soon)



Sabtu, 12 Desember 2015

Hello, December!

Well. I just cant believe it.

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Current mood: tidur, selimutan, ngemil, baca novel, terus turun salju.

Okay, so I dont know to write actually, maybe this one gonna be the random post... since I write this in dadakan time. Lol.
Hello, everyone, hows life? Hows college and school and work? Is it good? Are you feelin happy today? Hope life treats you well xx

What should I talk? I forget when was the last time I write on my blog. Ya know, I am extremely busy and this is all because of the homeworks. I dont wanna talk about it, really.

So... lots of things have changed... maybe me too but I dont know, everything was just like so... confusing. It doesnt have to be like that, but then it happened.

Do you get it?

I dont think I understand it too, lol hahahahaha.

1. Do What You Love

Alrightttt, lemme talk about something important and serious first.
I dont wanna talk it like really 'blak blakan' or something like that. So what Im trying to say is... do something that you really love.
Do. Something. You. Love. And. After. That. Love. What. You. Do.

Jadi maksudnya gini, kita ambil contoh gitu ya. Misal kamu suka sama bidang masak deh. Tekunin. And if you are sure if that is something that you really love and it is your passion, DO IT. YEAH. Ambil sekolah tentang masak, belajar bener-bener, dan kalau ngelakuin sesuatu yang kita suka, of course we do it with our heart right?
For everyone out there, buat yang sebentar lagi mau SNMPTN, please choose carefully. And think about it for thousand times. Do you really love the major you'll choose?

Karena seberat apapun tugasnya, seberat apapun bidang itu, kalau emang kita suka, semua pasti bakalan jadi gampang. Maybe you hear this for over and over again, but its true. Cause you do it secara ikhlas dan bener-bener suka. So, please please please think carefull and choose wisely. Okay?
And there's one thing I shoud remind you guys, nggausah takut dengan kata-kata 'kalau milih jurusan ini bakalan jadi apa entar?' OH GUYS. Please. If you are really good in that major you'll choose, you dont have to worry bout it. Rezeki semua sudah diatur sama Allah. Tinggal kitanya yang gimana bisa menjadi sebaik mungkin dan enggak pernah menyerah buat mencari. Meraih. Menggapai semua mimpi (duileh apaan banget dah)
So, first of all, listen to your heart. Apa yang kalian mau. Waktu mikirin ini jurusan, bikin kalia merinding-merinding sendiri nggak saking bahagianya?
And most of all, pray. Pray to God. Usaha bakalan percuma kalau kamu nggak ingat Tuhan.

2. The Process

Okay, so I just had a talk with my friend, Kak Bento. He is soooo funny but yet wise also. Me and Nadya said that he looks like Niall Horan lol.

"Orang-orang itu terkadang cuma liat hasilnya doang, nggak peduli sama prosesnya."

Well, I agree with that. Kebanyakan orang terkadang cuma peduli dengan hasil. Engga mau kepo tuh sama prosesnya. Contoh nih yang udah sering kita lihat dan pasti alamin. Ulangan. Lah, dikit banget tuh murid atau mahasiswa yang masih peduli sama proses. Rata-rata pasti cuma memperjuangkan hasilnya (well emang sih hasil itu penting banget dan ngga muna, aku juga begitu kadang. KADANG. Not all the times you cutie peeps) tapi ya... mau gimana. Sebenarnya hak orang kan ya mau dia gimana gimana What I can say is... let people just see the result of your process. Maybe they dont give a piiiippppppp of your process, but guess what? Proses itu indah. Proses itu membahagiakan. Proses itu menguatkan. Proses itu membuat hasil menjadi sempurna.

Pawwwww puitis amat dah lu nad.

Di proses itu kita yang ngejalanin, kita yang tau jatuh bangunnya, kita yang tau gimana rasanya memperjuangkan sesuatu yang memang kita pengenin banget. Dan begitu udah dapat hasilnya, lebih kerasa kan, bahagianya? Maybe people just see the result, mereka cuma liat itu. And once again, guess what? Kamu punya proses dan kamu juga puna hasilnya.

See who's the happiest?

For everyone out there who is on their process to achieve their dreams, please please please, do believe in your dreams. Maybe you almost there, maybe juts one step more, or two... three.. we never know, but if you give up, siapa yang tau kalau mimpi kamu tinggal selangkah lagi pas kamu mutusin buat nyerah?

Please, keep believing.

3. Cactus

Okay, so also just chat with Pity and we talk bout something... sad? Haha lol nope.
I just shared something bout cactus in my tumblr: http://nanadquamila.tumblr.com/post/135036838158/kalau-bisa-kurangkai-kata-kalau-ingin (im not galau okay)
Cactus. Kaktus.
Jadi... gimana ya. Hehehe.

"Menyayanginya seperti memeluk kaktus. Semakin erat, semakin sakit yang kau dapat."

Udah itu aja.

Tapi, ngapain juga meluk kaktus? Udah tau sakit kan ya.

Kurang kerjaan.

4. Lelah

I could say that Im not just physically tired, but also mentally t-i-r-e-d.
I keep regreting something that is already happened and that's what I'm doing now. Okay, dont wanna talk bout it.
I think I need a break from all these hectic situations. I wanna go travel the world, go to Jakarta or Bandung, go to Paris, London also to meet my husband (read: 1D) or go to Seoul to meet my bae (read: Big Bang, EXO) hahaha lol. Or the simple one, just go to a cafe with sushi, sapo tahu, cake, ice cream, and novels. That would be great.

I. Do. Need. A. Break. And. Everyone. Too.

Well, I dont know what to write anymore, maybe this is enough. Things will get better, pasti. Everythings gonna be okay. You're gonna be okay, and me too. And your crush too, and everyone too. Bhay.
Oh yeah, my moodbooster for today was finding out the notif on my wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/TunistSMD (my fanbase wattpad) one of the comment just made my day (put love emoji here and there and there also lol)

See you, and be happy!

Nanad who is starving and need sushi so much.

Jumat, 25 September 2015

Playlist of The Month: Autumn!

Hello, fellas!
Well, maybe you will be a lil bit surprised cause I'm writing this right now. Yesterday I just posted what happened in August but now I am writing on my blog again.
It is all because the long weekend, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
And oh yeah, I wanna say happy eid Adha to everyone, may Allah bless us and our family with happiness! Have a good day, dan selamat makan daging!

So, in this post I wanna tell you guys about my playlist. Maybe we could say as playlist of the month, but there are some songs that I've been listening since last year, not the new songs from this year.
Let's check it out!

1. Clean Bandit

She's cute<3
via: google

Okay, lately I've been listening to all of Clean Bandit's songs, and all of them are really good! There was a day when I just listened to all the Clean Bandit's songs and I enjoyed it much.
But my favourite are: